Luis is forty-five years old and still wears his hair up to his shoulder. He eats honey sweets to take care of his throat and tries not to talk about politics with his passengers when he faces twelve hours in front of a steering wheel as a taxi driver. It grumbles with change and the bumps in Córdoba Capital, but there where all see only a cab driver. He hides a passion. And each day off, armed with his sound equipment and one of his colorful suits, climbs to any available stage of bars and restaurants to transform into "Luis Show," the romantic voice that he believes he is destined to be.
Originally from a small town, since his divorce he keeps only two loves in his life: music and Giselle, his daughter.  Live alone and hurtfully saves his money to make a record and upload it to the internet, space where to include an originally song in which has been working for some time. But Giselle is ready to turn fifteen and she expects a party that her parents can barely afford. One afternoon, luck enters Luis's car. He carries an important popular music producer, who invites him to participate in a casting for a television contest from where a new band of the genre will be formed.
The presentation of Luis at the audition is embarrassing. But the producer tells him that they are interested in buying his song at a very good price. In return, he must give up all copyrights, including his name on the disc. The birthday date is approaching and the tension with her ex and Giselle are on the rise. Finally,
Luis will have to decide between fighting for his dream of a singer-songwriter or fulfilling his daughter´s and hanging forever the Luis Show costume.

Director: Pipi Papalini

Screenplay: Pipi Papalini




70 min.

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