Luis is a bad-tempered composer of retired classical music who, despite being an eminence in his field, suffers the usual contempt that society has for people his age. The visit of his granddaughter Elena, a young student of composition who comes to the city to do a course, is in principle a nuisance for him. But this meddling in his life will make him see things from another perspective and renew his faith in society.




70 min.

Director: Florencia Wehbe – Script: Florencia Wehbe – Photography: Nadir Medina – Art: Ana Chacón, Julia Pesce – Costumes: Mariana Asis – Make up: Melina Araya – Coach: Ricardo Ryser – Sound: Melisa Stasiak, Martín Alaluf – Executive Producer: Fernanda Rocca – Cast: Rubén Gattino, Eva Bianco, Sol Zabala, Beto Bernuez

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